Top 5 Social Login Plugins for WordPress

Last week I spent a lot of time finding a good social login plugin for one of my wordpress site.

First I came across this super awesome plugin called Gigya, It had impressive screenshots (see below) and description.

I quickly went ahead and installed it on my wordpress site, only later to find out that this was an yet another PREMIUM PLUGIN. Yes it was not free !!!

gigya-socialize-for-wordpress screenshot 1

I continued my search for this social login plugin, that is when I came accross these three links at wordpress.stackexchange discussing this same very questions.

Link1 Link2 Link3

Here are few of these good plugins available…

1 . Social Login

oa-social-login screenshot 5
oa-social-login screenshot 1

2 . WordPress Social Login

3. Simple Facebook Connect

4. Login Radius

5. Janrain Engage