Why Windows 8 Phone development sucks !

Earlier this month, I had started with my first Windows 8 Phone app development : Interview QA. This post is a summary of my experience with Windows 8 Phone development.

HURDLE 1 : Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 : In order to develop for Windows Phone 8 you need Windows 8 64-bits and Visual Studio 2012, you CANNOT develop a windows phone app without these. Windows 8 64 bit upgrade costs around 2200 INR in India, However the express edition of Visual Studio 2012 was free and can be downloaded from here. HURDLE 2 : Jquery Mobile support : On the jquerymobile’s official website(as shown below), support for Windows Phone was mentioned.

However on completion of my app when I tested my app on Windows Phone emulator I ran into loads of problem, documented here and here, and believe it or not here’s the best answer I got on one of my questions posted on stackoverflow.

Seriously ?

HURDLE 3 : STORE REGISTRATION FEE : 4,500 INR annually !!! No matter what app you are making, be it paid, open source or whatever you need to pay an annual fee to get a windows 8 phone store license. Just not cool.