Pendrive showing all folders as shortcuts

Hello, have you ever come across this kind of wierd situation?

When you connect your pen drive to your computer, you find that all your files and folders have now become shortcuts ? No matter which desktop or laptop you try putting your pen drive into, your data just wont show up!

If your answer to the above question is a YES! then I have a solution for you. Follow the steps given below and you should be able to get back all your data in the next 2 minutes.

Why did this happened ?

Your pen drive or memory card may have been infected with a virus or some Trojans (like BUOUFO, QWERT etc) or autorun.inf worm.

How to Fix this problem?

Open your command prompt, {How to open a command prompt in Windows 7 or XP}

Here lets assume your removable drive to be E:, and enter this command:

attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.*

(replace the letter e with your “removable drive” letter showed under “My Computer”).

and tada !!! In most cases this is all you will need to do, but if still your file doesn’t show up then read on 🙁 …

You will have to use some strong anti-virus or anti-malware programs to eliminate these virus and trojans. Below are links to some trusted and recommended Antivirus and anti-malware program that you can use.