Moving Rabbit MQ to another Drive on Windows


Rabbit MQ installs to “C:Program FilesRabbitMQ Serverrabbitmq_server-3.7.1”. Even if you specify a different path during the installation, only the installation & setup files go to that path, the database i.e messages/queues/exchanges/users by default go under the user folder of the user installing it “C:UsersyassershaikhAppDataRoamingRabbitMQdb”.


  • Download & Install Erlang
  • Download & Install RabbitMQ.
  • Open command prompt as admin from “C:Program FilesRabbitMQ Serverrabbitmq_server-3.7.6sbin” or from wherever you have made your rabbitmq installation, in my case it was the D drive, and run these commands
  • Run rabbitmq-service remove

  • Run set RABBITMQ_BASE=d:RabbitMQ
  • Run rabbitmq-service install

  • And its done! Next you can install whatever plugins you need — 
    rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management to enable a web UI for managing and monitoring your RabbitMQ service is a must install.