How to change username and password of your Cpanel account ?

There may be times where you would like to change your Cpanel username or password. But how do you do it ? This tutorial will be discussing this…

Can I change my Cpanel Username ?

Here you will get mixed answers, most hosting providers will not allow you to change username, because cPanel accounts are tied to the username, your home directory, configurations, email, etc. However few hosting providers do provide this feature but for that too you need to submit a ticket or something.

Can I change my Cpanel Password ?

Yes, you can do that 🙂 let me show you how…

Step 1 : First login to your Cpanel account using your existing username and password.

Step 2 : On your homescreen, on the top right hand side, under the ‘Preference’ Tab select the ‘Change Password’ option.

Step 3 : Provide your old Password and punch in a strong new password and submit.

Step 4 : Once done, you should get a window with the following message.

That’s it you have successfully changed your cPanel password !