How to call an action from javascript or jquery in MVC 3 Razor

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Here there are two different requirements that I will look into

1. How to call an action form javascript or jquery and get a return value and then maybe use it somewhere on the view.

Below is an example of calling a controller action called “GetData” using javascript/jquery.

Here “GetData” is the action I am going to call, so I have used Url.Action(“GetData”).

Note : strId is a value I am passing to the action, one more thing I observed is that you can only pass string variables to this method so whenever you define your action make sure that the parameter has string arguments only.

Js/Jquery Code

var url = '@Url.Action("GetData")';
url: url,
type: 'GET',
cache: false,
data: { value: strId},
success: function (result) {
Now *result *is what I will be returned from my action method, I could have returned say a JsonResult like the one below and then use or result.ball to get values "bar" / "dragon" out of them.
CSharp Code : Action Method (returning a Json)
public ActionResult GetData(string id)
return Json(new {foo="bar", ball="dragon"});
New article written at : How to call web api method using jquery ajax in ASP.NET MVC 4