Hide Feedjit Feed in WordPress

Feedjit is clearly one of the best FREE traffic tracking widget available on the internet. You can install and use it with your WordPress blog or Blogger blog or on any other website. It is very simple to install and customize a Feedjit widget to a blog.

You may also want to hide your Feedjit Live Traffic widget !

Yet you want to still keep a track of the traffic you are getting using FEEDJIT. Can I do that ?


Firstly you need to register on Feedjit and get a script for your site. Go to for that.

Once you have the code, your script should look like this…

{code type=html}

<noscript><a href=””>Feedjit Live Blog Stats</a></noscript>


Now to use this script on your website, without actually showing the Feedjit Live Feed, you just need to surround it with a div tag and set its display property to none.

{code type=html}

<div style=”display:none;” >

<noscript><a href=””>Feedjit Live Blog Stats</a></noscript>

</div >


Now once that is done, How do I now track my website traffic ?

Its simple ! Simply open a browser and type in and you are ready to go.

for eg :