Age of Empires 2 Graphics Problem Solved for Windows 7

Today, after so many years I wanted to play an old favourite game of mine : Age of Empires II: The Conquerors

So, I quickly installed the game using the setup my friend (Vaibhav Shah) had. My desktop has Windows 7 Home edition instllaled on it, a 4Gb Graphic card and a 8Gb Ram. After the installing I quickly started the game, and I was shocked to see the graphics behave in such unusual way.

I thought to myself, earlier when I did not have any graphic card, with only 512 Mb ram this game used to work without any issue and now with my new graphics card and 8gb Ram this game doesnt work !!!, Argghhhh !!!

Screenshots :

enter image description here

enter image description here

Solution :

Close explorer.exe using the Task Manager. Yes as wierd as it may sound, but closing the explorer.exe does the trick, this might not be the best solution. But this is what worked for me and many others. Want More ? there is a very nicely written article here, do have a look !

Also in some cases just switching out and back into the game using ALT + TAB also works.